Four Things You Need To Carefully Inspect When Buying Or Renting A Storage Trailer

A storage trailer from a company like Mar-Rube Trailer Rental offers a great deal of convenience when it comes to both storing and transporting your things. However, care must be taken to find the right trailer to avoid both safety hazards and potential damage to your prized possessions.

A careful inspection of your storage trailer can ensure that you will avoid potentially costly and cumbersome problems. This inspection should include carefully examining the following four aspects of the trailer in question:


This is an important aspect of trailer design that is unfortunately frequently overlooked. Ventilation is important to ensure that any items you place inside your trailer remain protected from damage from moisture, heat, and humidity.

A good storage trailer design should include built-in container or louvered vents that are covered with screens that will keep insects and other pests from getting inside.

If moisture problems are especially prevalent in the area where you are keeping your storage trailer, you might opt for turbine vents. These vents include components that turn and draw moisture out of your container when humidity levels within get too high. 

Door and window openings

Inspect doors to make sure that they open freely and close securely. When inspecting windows, you need to make sure that they won't allow precipitation in when closed. Look out for any potential gaps or leaks in the window's frame or glass. 

Lock system

You'll be relying on your trailer's lock system to keep potentially valuable possessions safe. Even if a trailer comes with its own locking mechanism, you might want to be able to add your own padlock or other type of locking device for added security. 

In addition to a lock for the main door to your trailer, you also need to look into a trailer hitch lock that keeps the entire trailer secure when in transit. A hitch lock prevents someone from disconnecting the trailer from the towing vehicle and driving off with your possessions in tow. 


Being able to properly stabilize a trailer is important to protecting both people and possessions. You'll need to not only ensure that the equipment for stabilizing the trailer is present, but also that you know how to use the equipment.

Equipment that is typically used to stabilize a portable storage trailer includes wood chocks for placement around the trailer wheels, a tongue jack, a coupler, stabilizers, and a ramp gate. Don't choose a storage trailer that requires a stabilizing process that is so complicated you don't feel comfortable carrying it out by yourself.