Features To Review When Looking For Cheap Self-Storage Units

Self-storage units are a great way to free up living space in a home or apartment by stashing less frequently used items at an offsite location. Based on the amenities you need for your personal items and the volume of items stored, your self-storage lease price can vary greatly. As more features and space are required, prices go up, so if securing a cheap storage unit is a priority, it's important to scale down needs. 

Exterior access units

Self-storage units contained within a larger building provide enhanced security and can feature access to amenities like climate control or humidity control. As such, these units frequently carry a higher price tag. Look for local units with exterior access to save money on a lease. These self-storage complexes generally host rows of buildings with side-by-side units using garage-style doors to provide access. Units are typically on a concrete pad, but parking lots and access can be concrete, asphalt, or gravel. Each customer provides or purchases a custom lock from the owner and starts filling the space. 

Additional features

A full-featured self-storage facility can feature desk access to an attendant for assistance with basic tasks, sell packing supplies, or offer universal access to climate control for access corridors or the unit itself. These amenities are not always necessary for basic self-storage, such as holiday decoration overflow, specialty tools, or old toys and lawn decor, but they are important when more delicate items like books, linens, or electronics are being placed in the unit for an extended period of time. Inside a basic unit, books and linens can pick up odors and become more brittle or mold while regular temperature fluctuations and humidity can damage electric wiring and circuitry. 

When a cheap unit is desired, it's important to prioritize home storage for sensitive pieces and offload your most durable items to the storage facility. The same guidance applies to security. Minimal investment in added services and security features may equal savings, but it's important to consider if the trade-offs fit your needs. 

Size considerations

Larger storage units are designed to accommodate a full selection of household goods, including a light to moderate amount of furnishings. Because they provide more expansive storage and more space to arrange items, these units rent at a premium price compared to units that are smaller. For cheap storage, plan to use your unit for smaller goods and commit to a reduced size by selling or donating old furniture or larger household items versus storing them.

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