Need To Rent A Storage Unit? 4 Ways To Keep Yourself From Getting Injured

When you need to put something into storage, you are most likely thinking about the location, price, and how much room you need in a unit for everything you want to stow away. However, another important aspect that you should not overlook is safety, especially when you intend on storing heavy items. It is crucial to make decisions that will prevent you from getting injured while renting a storage unit.

Do Not Single Out Multi-Story Facilities

Some people might automatically write off storage facilities with multiple stories because they do not want to walk up staircases to reach their storage unit. However, the majority of these facilities have large elevators that you can use to quickly and safely get to the floor where your unit is located. Also, the flooring in a storage building will be smooth and easy to walk on or roll a dolly on.

Learn the Right Lifting Technique

It does not matter if you wear the right shoes or get boxes with handles if you do not have the right lifting technique. Fortunately, the technique is not that complicated and mainly revolves around bending down with your knees, picking a box up, and then lifting yourself up in the same manner, but slowly. Holding boxes close to your body will act as leverage and prevent your body from overexerting itself.

Use Reasonably Sized Boxes

When gathering boxes for your storage unit, you should put a great deal of thought into the boxes you choose. Since every person has a unique frame and reach with their arms, you should test out boxes before bringing any home as you want to be able to carry it without straining yourself. If you cannot reach your arms around a box or comfortably hold it from underneath, you should go for a smaller size.

Rent or Buy Moving Supplies

Although you could try to do everything by hand when putting items into storage, you should not feel the need to do so, especially with so many helpful supplies at your disposal. Whether you rent or buy, you should get your hands on a dolly for transporting multiple boxes without hurting your back, packing tape for securing boxes so that they won't topple over when being stacked and cause harm to you, and straps for holding the items together when transporting items from your vehicle to the storage unit.

Whether you are storing seasonal items, a collection, furniture, or something else, you should follow the tips above to make sure you are able to store your things without experiencing pain or injury.

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