Is Your Collection Getting Out Of Hand? How Self Storage Units Can Help

Collectors of one particular item often go overboard in their collecting (such is the nature of the beast!). Whether you love collecting shoes or miniature figurines, eventually you will run out of room in your apartment or home and then what do you do? Certainly you cannot leave your collections in boxes and/or stack those boxes to the ceiling everywhere. It would be a safety hazard. Self storage units can be of help, and here is how.

More Room Equals More Shelves

Some self-storage proprietors will allow you to install shelves along the walls inside your unit with the understanding that if you ever stop storing your things there the shelves would need to be removed and the nail or screw holes repaired. Other self-storage proprietors will only allow vertical shelving units or shelving cabinets to be used inside your storage unit(s). Either way, you have a lot more room not only to store your collection but also display it too. The added benefit to storing and displaying your collection in a storage unit is that it is also protected.

More Protection Than at Home (in Some Cases)

When you display your collection or store it at home, there is always the threat of sun damage as it seeps through the windows and bleaches the items in your collection that the sun touches. If someone breaks into your home and steals your Prada pumps or your rarest-of-rare mini figures, there is not much you can do about that either. Yet, if you place most of your collection's overflow into a storage unit that has security cameras, has coded entry locks and is built to withstand any kind of weather, then you know right where your collection is, it is protected by the security there, and it is very difficult for sun and dangerous weather to damage it.

A Sales Floor Whenever You Decide to Sell Some or All of Your Collection

In addition to protecting, storing and displaying your massive collection, the storage units you rent can act as a sales floor of sorts when you decide that you want to sell part or all of your collection. If you have everything nicely and neatly organized and shelved, you can take clear pictures for online auctions as well as show your collection to interested parties in person. They can walk around inside your home and storage units and get a really good look at what you have for sale or bid, without having to go through dozens of boxes or push items out of the way to see everything on the shelves.

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