Three Tips For Storing Shoes

When you put your shoes in storage, you expect for them to come out in the same condition that they went in. However, whether or not you are successful at achieving this goal has everything to do with you. Before storing away your shoes, it's important that you know what measures to take to protect your shoes from damage.

Choose Your Unit Wisely

If you want to ensure your shoes remain in good condition, you need to start the planning process early. You can achieve this by choosing the right storage unit. If you plan to store the shoes away for an extended period, make sure you are choosing a climate controlled unit.

This is especially important if you live in a humid environment. High levels of moisture can damage leather components of shoes and cause them to warp, permanently damaging them. A climate controlled unit keeps moisture levels regulated to help protect your shoes.

Store In Proper Form

Make sure you are housing your shoes in a container that will allow them to remain in their proper form. Tossing all your shoes in a large box might seem convenient, but this is not a good idea. When you store shoes in this manner, creases and folds can form in the shoes from the pressure of the other shoes resting on top of them. 

These creases and folds manipulate the natural shape of the shoe and cause irreversible damage to their uppers, basically meaning you can't wear them anymore. Make sure you store each pair of shoes in a separate box that accommodates their shape.

Prep Your Shoes

It's important to prep your shoes for storage before placing them inside the unit if you want to maintain their condition. Prepping should begin with a thorough cleaning of your shoes. Shoes come in contact with all types of harmful bacteria that can be damaging to leather and other surfaces. Storing away a dirty shoe is basically asking for damage.

It's also important to ensure your shoes are dry before storing them away. Moist shoes increase the risk of mildew growth. Lastly, stuff your shoes with material to help them retain their shape and wrap them in an acid-free paper to help protect their fabric from damage.

The more effort you put into storing your shoes away properly, the better their condition when you remove them. Make sure you are protecting your shoes.

For more information and tips on storage in general, talk with a storage facility, such as Pearl Street Self Storage.