Four Tips For Renting A Storage Unit As Rehearsal Space

If your neighbors and roommates don't always appreciate your band's rehearsals, you may need to start looking for a new practice space. Self storage units can be an ideal, centralized location for your band to meet and practice together, offering both space and privacy for a relatively low price. There are, however, a few things you should do to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Before you sign any rental agreements, take these four tips into consideration. 

Communicating With the Owner

Most storage unit owners do not mind renters using their units as a personal space, but you should be upfront about your intentions. If the storage unit is located in the middle of a city or residential zone, the noise may still trigger complaints and cause you to lose your rental. Because of this, it is important to check that the owner is comfortable with the arrangement before you find out the hard way. 

Choosing a Unit With Electrical Service 

If anyone in your band plays an electric guitar, you will need an electrical supply to your unit. Even if no one in your band uses an electronically modified instrument, you will probably still want electricity for recording equipment and basic fixtures like a small fridge. Thankfully, many self storage services are now wiring up units with readily available outlets. It may cost a little more, but being able to power your equipment is worth the investment. 

Protecting Your Equipment

Climate-controlled storage units are one of the best places to store instruments, since you will not need to worry about sudden swings in temperature or humidity. You must, however, also protect them from theft and vandalism. This means establishing a strict security routine with your band-members and making sure the door is always locked before you leave. Also be aware of the possibility of theft while you are performing; the noise of your instruments may alert thieves to the presence of your valuable equipment. Choose a storage unit with comprehensive security camera coverage to reduce the likelihood of theft.  

Coordinating on Rent

Any time a group goes in on a rental together, you should have a contingency plan in case someone leaves or is unable to pay his or her share for the month. This may mean creating a small emergency fund ahead of time, which can be used to fill in gaps as needed. It may take a little planning to set up and maintain your band's storage unit, but once you do, you will have an unlimited rehearsal space without worrying about the neighbor taking a nap next door. 

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