Packing Things For Storage

When you move your household items into a self-storage facility, you can have a hard time keeping your home organized and livable during the packing process. The tips here can help you to pack all your things in a way that cuts down on the amount of mess and chaos you may endure during this process, and makes the process easier all the way around.

Start with one room

When you don't have a designated starting point, you can end up with boxes that take over every room in your house and a mess everywhere. You can also end up packing things too soon, and find yourself wasting a lot of time looking for things that you have already packed. For this reason, it's a good idea to start in one room, the room that is the least used in the house. As you pack this room, stack the boxes against one wall. The room will now become the storage room for all your boxes. So, when you move on to the next room, you want to bring the boxes into this room as you finish packing them, to get them out of your way.

Mark your boxes and bags

You can save yourself a lot of future trouble by appropriately marking each box as soon as it is packed. One way to mark the boxes is to list everything you put into each individual one and then give that box its own number. Write the number on both the list and the box. If you need to find something in particular, find it on the list, take note of the number and find the box bearing that number.

If you are packing bags, it may be a good idea to print out a close up picture of the items to tape to the bags they are in. This way, you can see the contents from across a room, instead of trying to make out the small lettering that would fit on the piece of paper. Or, you can also chart the contents of the bag, like you would the boxes and simply give the bag a large number on a piece of paper.

Buy disposable products

Once you are preparing to pack up your house, you want to go out and purchase a lot of disposable items, such as paper plates, plastic utensils, disposable bakeware, travel-size toiletries, etc. This will allow you to finish packing areas like your kitchen and bathroom without needing to unpack when you decide to cook a meal or take a last minute shower.