What Services Are Offered By Mobile Storage Companies?

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, there are times when you simply need to downsize the number of items that are kept in your home or office building. This will help you keep your home or office looking neater and less cluttered. Fortunately, mobile storage companies can make keeping your home or business in order much easier. Mobile storage companies transport their storage containers to your home or business so that you can fill them with the items that need to be removed. These are the different types of services that are offered by mobile storage companies.


If you are moving to a new home or business, a mobile storage container can be brought to your home so that you can pack all your belongings up for the move. Then the container can be moved directly to your new location or to the company's storage lot until you are ready for it to be transported.

This is much easier than moving the belongings yourself or hiring a moving company. There are various sizes of containers available which allow you to pack up everything you need to move in one convenient trip.

Short Term Storage 

If you only need to store items from your home or business for a short time period, this can also be easily accomplished by using mobile storage units. For instance, if you are remodeling your home or renovating your business office, you may need to move several items out until the job is complete.

The mobile storage unit can be brought to you, you can store your items in it for as long as needed and then return the items back to your home or business when you are ready. Once you are finished using the mobile storage unit, you can contact the mobile storage company and they will retrieve the storage unit right away.

Long Term Storage 

Mobile storage companies can also meet your long term storage needs. If you prefer to rent a storage unit to keep on your property for storing certain items, this service is also available.

Many homeowners prefer to store their seasonal items in this way and business owners often rent mobile storage units for storing extra inventory or supplies. This is especially convenient because you do not have to drive to another location to gain access to your items.

Mobile storage containers, like those from AA All American Airborne Self-Storage, are also equipped for storing and transporting valuables such as antique furniture, important business documents and family heirlooms. They are designed to be airtight when closed to prevent damage from excessive rain or sunlight. These units also lock securely so there are no worries that your items will be stolen.