Practical Ways You Can Help Your College Newlyweds

If your son or daughter has gotten married while he or she is still trying to get that college degree, the newlyweds certainly have adventures ahead of them. Part of the adventure means blissful fun, but part of it also means that there might be challenges ahead. Just keeping grades up will be a consideration. Stretching money might also be a problem. If you are wanting to lend a helpful hand, from surprise monetary gifts to paying for mini storage, here are some ideas that might help.

A Weekend Surprise - Being a college student puts a whole new meaning to Thank goodness it's Friday! Assuming the newlyweds don't have Saturday morning classes, it's just nice to get to sleep in a bit. However, enrich the couple's weekend by giving them a surprise each Friday. For example, send a check with a note that says something like, Movie and popcorn money. Another fun way to lighten the load of the newlyweds is to give a gift card to their nearest grocery store. If you live close enough, pack a box full of things like a small ham, a box of fancy rice mix, canned gourmet soup, and decadent chocolates.

Help With School Work - If you know that one or both of the newlyweds is having an especially hard time in a particular class, offer to help. For instance, perhaps you speak Spanish and can help with homework. If the subject is way out of your comfort zone, offer to pay for a tutor. One of the biggest expenses your kids will have is just paying for textbooks and school supplies. Even a small monetary donation to help defray the cost of a much needed printer will surely be greatly appreciated. 

Pay For Mini Storage - The newlyweds probably received wedding gifts that they won't use until they are established in a more permanent home. If they live in an apartment that has limited storage space, those gifts will all of a sudden become a burden to them. Of course, you may have the space at your own home to store the gifts. However, if you aren't able to store their gifts, a great ongoing gift would be for you to pay for mini storage for them. Fortunately, mini storage is not expensive. In addition, the newlyweds will have the peace of mind that their gifts will be safe and that they can get to them any time they want to use something any of the gifts they received from family and friends. For more information on mini storage, contact a company like All American Mini Storage.