Supplies to Use When Packing and Storing Your Household Items

When you are going to be putting your belongings into a self storage facility, preparation can help you to pack everything so it is well protected and organized in a manner that makes the packing, storing, and unpacking process go as easy as possible. You can prepare for the act of packing all your belongings by making sure you have everything you need ahead of time. Consider marking down the following supplies so you can start your preparations.

Moving boxes

You want to have moving boxes that you can count on to protect all your items and that allow you to pack the storage unit without wasting a lot of space or worrying about things shifting and breaking while being stored. Consider getting boxes that are the same size and shape for easy stacking. If you have a lot of heavy items, then getting ones with handles on the sides can make moving them easier. If you have any concerns about the boxes getting damaged, then paying a bit more for plastic storage bins of the same size may be a good idea.

Wardrobe boxes

You may also want to get some wardrobe boxes if you have to pack up and store a lot of clothing items that should be hung on hangers to avoid wrinkles. Wardrobe boxes are taller than average boxes, and they have a rod going across the top of them that allows you to hang your clothing from hangers while they're being stored. There will also be some room in the bottom of the boxes where you can keep shoes that go with those clothes, making it easier to find complete outfits when you are unpacking.

 Packing peanuts and bubble wrap

Make sure you have plenty of packing peanuts and bubble wrap for the fragile items. Anything that you can't wrap up but that's fragile should be put in a box with the peanuts, and anything that can be wrapped should be.

Permanent markers

Use a permanent marker to clearly label all of the boxes as you pack them. You also want to put the word  "fragile" on ones with breakable items.


Use packing tape to tape up all the boxes. Taping them will help keep the boxes held together properly so they don't pop open on you.

Now that you know which supplies you need, you can get started on gathering them so you can begin the packing and storage process.