Safely Store Your Cabbage Patch Kids To Make Room For More

Collecting Cabbage Patch Kids dolls is popular among people of all ages. If your patch is getting too large for your space, it might be time for you to pack some of your babies away in storage until you have more room to showcase them in your home. Here, you will learn how to safely prepare, pack and store your Cabbage Patch Kids dolls so that they remain in perfect condition until you are ready to bring them back home again.

Prepare the Dolls

Properly preparing the dolls is an important step to ensure that they come out of storage in the same condition in which they went in.

Wipe down the faces using mild dish washing soap and water. If there are spots that won't come off easily, apply a little bit of zit cream to those spots and let the doll sit for a few days. When you return, wash the zit cream off of the face and the spot should be gone. If not, repeat the process until it has been removed.

Remove the clothing from your doll, fold it neatly and tuck it into a Ziplock bag. Leaving the clothing on the dolls for an extended stay in storage could result in the fabric body of the doll becoming discolored.

Make sure that the dolls are completely dry and continue to pack them.

Pack the Dolls

Pay the most attention to the face of your doll. The plastic that the face is made of can be damaged rather easily as it slides in and out of the box. To protect the face, wrap it with a few layers of acid-free tissue paper and tape it in place.

For the best results, pack each doll in individual boxes. If this isn't an option, cut cardboard pieces to create dividers to use between each doll. You don't want them to get squished while you have them in storage.

Drop a few packets of silica gel into the bottom of the box and seal the box to help reduce the risk of moisture damage.

Store the Dolls

The safest place to store your babies is in a climate-controlled  self storage unit. This type of unit is carefully monitored to ensure that the heat and humidity levels remain low enough to protect the contents of each unit.

Moisture can cause all kinds of damage to your babies. If the moisture was to work its way into the head of the doll, the face could become discolored as mold grows inside it.

Get to work preparing, packing and storing your babies to keep them until you find the room to bring them home to your patch.