Quick Tips For Storage Preparation

If you need to put your items into storage for any reason, then you want to pack in an organized manner. Putting more effort into the packing portion of the storage process can set you up to have a much easier time finding items you may need access to along the way. It can also make unpacking a lot easier. Below, you will find some simple-to-follow tips on packing that will make the processes involved much easier on you.

Have a temporary storage room in your home

Pack one room completely and turn it into the storage room for all the boxes in your house. Pack each box completely, tape it closed, label it correctly and put it in this storage room. This is going to prevent people from randomly adding more things to the boxes, so you end up not knowing where anything is. It also helps keep the rest of the house clean and organized while you are packing, so you don't find yourself trying to navigate a confusing house full of clutter. It's going to be easier to move everything from this one room into your self-storage unit once packing is completed.

List each item you pack

While you are packing, make a list of everything that goes in each box and label the box with a number that corresponds with that list. Add the number above each list as well. This way, when you are in the storage unit to find an item, you can refer to the list, make a note of the number and search for that exact box.

Use bags as space fillers

When you pack certain things, such as stuffed animals or throw pillows, consider putting them in clear plastic bags. The clear plastic will allows you to be able to see what is inside of them, and the fact that they will be fairly squishy means you can use them to fill empty space in the storage unit, so you aren't wasting any. Also, filing the empty space in the self-storage unit can actually help to prevent your things from becoming unstable while they are stored.

Pack the unit with space between rows of boxes

When putting your things into the self-storage unit, leave rows between each line of boxes you put in there. This is going to give you the space you need to walk through the storage unit to get to the boxes you need to find your items. Also, pack the boxes as high as you can, without squishing the bottom boxes or creating an unstable environment.

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