Preparing Fine Silverware For Storage

Whether you have a large selection of fine silverware that you seldom use but wish to hang onto or a recently deceased relative willed you his or her collection of silverware, you might not want to keep it in the house. Large silverware collections can challenge the available storage space in large homes and contribute to downright cramped conditions in smaller homes. It's worthwhile to think about storing these items in a self-storage unit in your neighborhood. Everything will be close by if you need it, and you'll enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that it's safe and out of your way. Here are some tips for storage.

Clean Them First

It's a good idea to give a thorough cleaning to any fine silverware that you plan to store for a long period of time. Silverware needs to be cleaned from time to time anyway, but you should definitely clean it before storing it. Use a specially designed cleaner to remove any oils that may have been sitting on the silver. If not removed, this oil can cause unsightly marks that will result in challenges to restore the shine of the silverware. It's generally advisable to avoid handling the silverware after you've cleaned it, so you may want to wear fabric or rubber gloves while you clean and handle the silverware.

Invest In Specific Containers

Given the value of a full set of fine silverware, it's important that you invest in the containers that will keep these items in good condition. Individual containers with a soft layer of foam padding are ideal for plates, serving bowls and other silver dishes. These containers are often equipped with zippers, which are ideal to help provide somewhat of an airtight environment for the silverware. When it's exposed to the air, it will develop oxidization over time, prompting addition cleaning whenever you wish to use or display your items. The proper containers will prevent that.

Protect The Cutlery

While you can buy specific containers for storing silver cutlery, a simple solution is to buy a role of anti-tarnish paper (sometimes called "silver paper"). Wrap each piece of cutlery individually in a piece of the paper and then put small groups of the cutlery together in zipper-top bags. The paper will protect the cutlery from making contact with each other, while the airtight nature of the zipper-top bags will prevent oxidization. Do not store your silver cutlery in your cutlery chest, as it will be heavily oxidized when you retrieve it.

Use the above ideas to properly store your silverware. Click here for more information on storage units.