How To Prep Your Furniture For Storage In A Unit

It's imperative that you properly store your furniture after you decide to keep it in your storage unit. Do not fret, however. There are some definite steps you can take to ensure that your furniture is properly stored. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about a few of the steps to prep your furniture for storage. Cleaning Make sure all of your furniture is clean before you store it.

Preparing Your Refrigerator For Time In A Storage Unit

Refrigerators are not cheap, so if you're putting one in a storage unit, you'll want to take the time to make sure it's properly prepared so that it emerges in good shape. Follow these steps to prepare your fridge for storage and prevent common issues like mold growth, nasty odors, and corrosion. Step 1: Scrub away food debris. After emptying the fridge and turning off the power, turn your attention to any areas where there is caked-on food or spilled, sticky liquids.

Safely Store Your Cabbage Patch Kids To Make Room For More

Collecting Cabbage Patch Kids dolls is popular among people of all ages. If your patch is getting too large for your space, it might be time for you to pack some of your babies away in storage until you have more room to showcase them in your home. Here, you will learn how to safely prepare, pack and store your Cabbage Patch Kids dolls so that they remain in perfect condition until you are ready to bring them back home again.

Practical Ways You Can Help Your College Newlyweds

If your son or daughter has gotten married while he or she is still trying to get that college degree, the newlyweds certainly have adventures ahead of them. Part of the adventure means blissful fun, but part of it also means that there might be challenges ahead. Just keeping grades up will be a consideration. Stretching money might also be a problem. If you are wanting to lend a helpful hand, from surprise monetary gifts to paying for mini storage, here are some ideas that might help.

Supplies to Use When Packing and Storing Your Household Items

When you are going to be putting your belongings into a self storage facility, preparation can help you to pack everything so it is well protected and organized in a manner that makes the packing, storing, and unpacking process go as easy as possible. You can prepare for the act of packing all your belongings by making sure you have everything you need ahead of time. Consider marking down the following supplies so you can start your preparations.